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cala lilies! [Apr. 16th, 2005|09:51 pm]
Your slice of Eden


this is x-posted to a million different places, i apologise if you see this multiple times. so as not to irritate, i'll put the post under a cut. :)

hello everyone, i'm new to this community. i love gardening, though i've never had a garden of my own. however, my mom and i garden every year, so its 'our' garden. :)

anyways, i absolutely adore cala lilies. they have to be my favourite flower. they're just soooo gorgeous! how can you not love cala lilies? lol.

well, my mom and i are cala lily virgins, i guess you could say. absolutely no experience with them. we lived in saskatchewan [canada] for ten years, so i dont know how they would have survived there, and i was too young then to help her with them anyways.

so, this year, we're going to try them out! we live in zone 5b Nova Scotia now, and we're going to attempt to grow them in big pots.

so, any tips on growing cala lilies potted? any suggestions would be apreciated soo much.

thanks, all,